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About AR product

The unReal remote assistance & support!
One Assistance is an application designed for innovative companies. It is ideal for monitoring one-site services. The AR product uses remote mobile assistance & support based on live audio and video streaming. Is Intuitive, Smart and Available!

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What we offer?

  Database API (Application Programming Interface) server: all data (procedures, checklists etc.) are stored and exported to mobile apps.
  Mobile application: quick access to view and access the recorded data.
One Assistance can be delivered with high-performance devices (smart glasses, smartphones, tablets).

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What you win?

- You can solve problems around the world;
- You can be in contact with your team;
- You can earn time and save travel costs;
- Provides live audio/video streaming;
- Connects business communities;
- Ensures audio-video recording of each intervention;
- Provides access to a knowledge base that can be used later for similar situations;
- Stores important knowledge and info as a result of specialised assistance (data transfer, live snapshots or overlay drawings from the device’s screen);
- Ensures freedom of movement during the intervention;


“Unreal Optic” means the unexpected journey of a special solution that will reconstruct your business.

It means time, money and confort!



It’s just the good news that you have expected an entire life for your business: what you have considered to be impossible, it’s here and real! It’s called:

"You can actually see the impossible with our software solution!”