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About product

  • Do you need a central place where the information can be found?
  • Do you need a secure way to access the information?
  • Do you need an easy way to find the information?
  • DO YOU HAVE a map where the information can be visualized?

Meet UnrealGIS

A portal that aggregates a variety of contents and connections to different data sources.
AND, ther’s more:
  • UnrealGIS portal allows you to take advantage of different data stored in different systems and types of databases by adding a spatial component;
  • You can integrate: ERP, CRM, GIS, SCADA, AUTO, ACTIVE, TOPOLOGY etc, and relevant information can be presented on a map;
  • UnrealGIS integrates various data sources and displays the information available in real time (real-time notifications on the map);
  • UnrealGIS can perform Spatial Analysis about the extracted information;
  • With user access and password access to different theme maps, images, technical sheets, and existing documents;
  • Outage management (displaying the position on the map);
  • Resolution management (implementation of the intervention sheet which highlights the personnel, the equipment and the materials used);
  • The portal has a robust security architecture by using roles, views to limit access to the relevant information;
  • Audit keep the history of the changes (the user who made the change and what he has modified);
  • Complex reporting system;
  • Advanced queries and filters on different layers of the loaded map;
  • Export into various formats;

 What you win?

  The most efficient management!
  The best workflow of your organization!
The ability to plan, having all the information available in just ONE place!
ALL data are yours – solution is behind your firewall & is Entirely Web-based!

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